My spring wardrobe update 🌺

Wow so glad Spring has finally arrived!!

Check out my spring essentials for 2018..

I’m loving pretty florals, floaty long dresses, Bardot tops and polka dots… 💃

Wow this is such a pretty kimono dress from Miss Selfridge! Currently £34 in the sale! 💕🌺💕

There’s some gorgeous floral patterns at the moment, this is off the shoulder top modeled by me is from Tesco F&F and a steal at £14.

Following the floral theme… this is a beautiful Maxi dress by New Look for £24

This is a gorgeous off the shoulder Bardot dress from FandF clothing at Tesco, a denim steal at £20.

Very pretty red polka dot Maxi dress from Miss Selfridge £22

Leopard print is back and I’m still digging it! 💃

H&M £19

Still loving a jumpsuit, this one from H&M , £25, just need to be dressed up with a bright neck scarf, waist belt and heels.

Until the next shopping spree…

Happy Shopping!


Mummy Cookie



Weaning Is Soul Destroying

Is anyone with me on this one, when I say that I absolutely deteste weaning?

I used to get so excited about the weaning stage with my first baby, Darcey; I bought the Anabel Karmel recipe book, did so much research into purée VS Baby Led Weaning, this was a time in 2014 when baby led weaning was quite a new and THE trendy thing to do with your kids, y’know the thing you should be doing if you want to be considered a cool mum. I joined groups on Facebook about baby led and would get trolled as soon as I dared mention anything about purée! Sigh.

It very quickly became apparent that weaning wasn’t going to be fun or straightforward at all. Firstly, she had a cows milk protein intolerance, which meant everything dairy was out of question and I bloody love dairy. Further, annoyingly, to add fuel to the fire, she couldn’t eat any eggs or peanuts due to her father’s allergies.

Her reflux was another problem, it was so bad, that I was left with no option other than to give her puréed food for months on end until she could tolerate thicker textures and solid food. Thus, Baby led weaning wasn’t even an option for us and actually I used to get a bit embarrassed whipping out an Ella’s Kitchen smoothie packet when I was out with friends, even though that’s deemed a more healthier “organic” option rather than a cow & gate jar, if we are pathetically judging the hierarchy of pre-made baby food from Tesco.

When that day came where I could put a plate of food in front of her and she would just eat it was just bliss. High five to that shit! 🙌

An even better day for us all was when Miss D turned 2 and a half and was signed off by the dietician for her cows milk protein allergy that she had grown out of and she could eat dairy, now it just made things more relaxed at home and whilst taking her out to restaurants and parties.

Fast-forward several years, and I am in the same predicament with Zachary, I have another cows milk protein intolerant child and I am faced with another similar weaning challenge. Now that I’m well versed with allergies and what they can and can’t have, it’s still a really shit process.

I have a nine month old baby who is desperate to eat what we have, he loves food, he wants to feed himself! He loves exploring with food, the texture, the feel on his hands. He doesn’t want me to feed him with a spoon as he always swipes it off me, but at the moment he’s really struggling with anything much more than a purée. His gag reflex is so responsive, and as a result he gags on a lot of his food and projectile vomits. It is so frustrating because I can see how much he wants to eat!

Every day I am trying thicker textures and this week he seems to be tolerating blended down spaghetti bolognaise. I am so persistent to try and get us all eating the same meals because it makes life easier!

Sometimes I go into my kitchen and wonder what the fuck has happened at dinner time. It’s like the children are staging an episode of bodger and badger, or having an epic food fight. Actually no, it’s just a really messy children eating their dinner. 🤣

Parenting is essentially cleaning, washing and wiping up shit on repeat right now!!

Yeah. Love it!

Please share your weaning story. Has it been a breeze for you? Have you had a hard time like us? Do your children have food allergies that have caused problems?



Mummy Cookie


Botox for Chronic Migraine

I had a flurry of messages after my first blog regarding the Botox treatment I had a few weeks ago. I thought I’d follow up with answering your questions and how I’m feeling 3 weeks on.

In 2012, the NHS got the go-ahead to provide Botox treatment to chronic migraine sufferers. A popular treatment for cosmetic users, but Botox has its uses in certain medical conditions by it’s nerve blocking effects.

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has published guidelines on how Botox should be used to treat chronic migraine.

If you suffer from 15 headaches per month, 8 days of those being migraines and that has not responded to at least three prior preventative drug treatments.

Please see this very useful fact sheet by the NHS for further details

What is Botox?

Botulinum toxin type A, or Botox as it is commonly known, is a purified neurotoxin (nerve toxin) derived from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It works by paralysing the nerve supply to muscles, thereby restricting their movement.

• Botox might relax muscles around the head and thereby reduce blood pressure within the brain

• Botox might reduce the nerves’ ability to send pain signals during a migraine

• Botox might prevent the nerves from sending signals that will lead to a migraine

My Experience With Botox

Under the guidelines it is recommended that you have 31 injections around certain areas of your head. These are administered across your forehead, around both ears, up the back of your head, down your neck and across your shoulders. I lost count of where exactly they went! It felt like I was being scratched, not very pleasant and some places hurt more than others, particularly on the forehead which is why I think they start there.

Pre Botox Worries

I was concerned mostly about the aesthetic side effects – not having any movement in my forehead and eyebrows. I thought it would be very noticeable to others, and I had read horror stories of Botox going wrong and having a droopy eye.

I wanted to know if their were any side effects afterwards – dizziness, nausea and I was told not.

Post Botox

The treatment took about 10 minutes in total, it’s all fairly quickly but 10 minutes in the chair sat upright feels like a lifetime when you keep having a needle poked into you. I have to weigh these things up and remember the long term gain.

I felt fine after the treatment and I was able to go home straight away. The headache nurse informed me that tomorrow I could feel achey in my neck and it could trigger some auto immune responses from all of the injections.

Side Effects

I noticed very little side effects, the next day I had streaming eyes and felt like I had hay fever, and I came out in a very mild skin rash but that all disappeared within a few days. I did feel a bit achey and wiped out for a couple of days but nothing too bad.

How have my headaches been?

During the first week I was still having headaches, I had one migraine, but that was definitely stress induced since it was the day my Grandad passed away , but besides that I have had a low grade headache on a number of days.

Despite having on average 4 hours broken sleep per night (according to my fitbit), due to an 8 month old baby that isn’t sleeping through the night and various other factors in my life that can trigger headaches. This treatment has been a success for me so far, because although it hasn’t stopped the headaches completely, they aren’t so bad that I can still continue my daily duties without them being too affected.

Three weeks on and I think I’ve had 2 migraines, and for the rest of the time a lower grade headache. I’m really pleased with the results so far.

Botox lasts for 12 weeks and I will have my next treatment then.

I hope this information helps other headache sufferers!

Please contact me for any further help,

Love from


Mummy Cookie


Sleep Deprivation On Another Level

Last Sunday I hit a wall with parenting, Rob was away on a night out with the boys, I had been up every hour with Zachary from 9pm, and by the morning I was contacting a friend for a recommendation of a sleep fairy to call.

Zachary had been a dream until he turned 4 months old, the perfect newborn that would sleep through the night and give me snuggles all day. What more could I ask for, and it certainly didn’t feel like the stereotypical newborn stage.

Our comeuppance came when he turned 4 months old and he started going through the famous 4 months sleep regression. Unfortunately for us, this sleep regression period didn’t end, in fact it got progressively worse. One month of terrible nights became four months and as a result, two very unhappy sleep deprived parents.

At one stage he would be awake from 9pm until midnight and then awake on the hour from 2 am. It was insane! I have never experienced tiredness like this and it just feels relentless. We also have a toddler that is a very early riser in the morning and wakes for the day anytime between 4- 5.30am and will not go back to sleep! This makes the morning a very early start for me! 😩

We had difficult time for the first 6 months with Darcey, but by 8 months, (Zachary’s age now), she knew how to self settle herself to sleep and was pretty much sleeping through the night, something that Zachary struggles to do.

I was desperate for a solution to Zacharys sleep problems last weekend I knew something had to change.

Monday night came, Zachary waking at his usual time around 10.30pm, Rob gave him his milk and settled him back to sleep. Zachary woke again at 2.30am making some noise, now, ordinarily I would have leaped out of bed and picked him up out of his cot, before he woke up Darcey, (as their rooms are next to one another), I decided to try a different tactic; Zachary wasn’t crying, he was whinging and rolling around, therefore, I watched him on the video monitor for a while, desperately hoping that he would self settle and go back to sleep, and he did. I fell back asleep, and he woke almost every hour making similar noises, movements and at 5.30am when his lungs really got going, I knew he was actually awake and I needed to tend to him.

I was on a mission now to crack this sleeping, the next two days, I became strict with his routine, I made sure his routine ran like clockwork, I had no distractions since Darcey was at preschool and I could focus on Zachary rather than him having to work around her schedule. He had his meals, milk and nap times all planned out and at the same time each day and it definitely seems to helped with his sleeping pattern. he was having his milk at the right times,During the night times I found that he would still wake up for his usual bottle around 10.30pm and waking at 2am ish, and he would self settle himself took the same approach and what I have found is that he is still waking, but had a much better week in terms of self settling back to sleep, perhaps we have turned a corner, perhaps not, but I am feeling hopeful, since it’s been 3 great nights of sleep with only one get up before midnight. 🤞

I was getting stressed out with the nights, because Z would start to whinge and cry in his cot, I would race to him, pick him up because I didn’t want him to wake his sister, who is a light sleeper and I know that one baby awake in the night is so much better than two, and that D struggles to go back to sleep in the night once she’s awake. As a result of me taking him out of his cot to soother him, he then became reliant on my comfort, and he wasn’t hungry, he didn’t want milk.

Now what I am suggesting may sound like a simple solution – leaving him and not going into his room to pick him up, but when I realised he wasn’t wanting milk in the night, it became apparent he just wanted comfort from me.

The next four nights followed a similar pattern, but with less whinging in the night, and he self settled himself back to sleep. I thought, we are well on the way to cracking this.

Last night, I had to go in his room as he was very restless around 2am, I took him downstairs to settle him and he was very uncomfortable, and since the morning it’s become apparent he was constipated so that’s a reason for him being awake and comfortable. If there is a reason, it’s easier to comprehend why they are not sleeping in the night.

The biggest plus is that he hasn’t woken Darcey up in the night which is one of the main reasons I would go to him so quickly.

We still have some things to work on:-

• Self settling in his daytime naps and also at bedtime during the evening.

We are only a week into this, things are looking promising for better nights sleep, but we have a way to go.

I’d be interested in hearing from other parents who are having difficulty with their babies sleeping?

•What did you find that helps?

• Have you used a sleep trainer and what is your experience?

Best of luck with your babies sleeping!


Mummy Cookie


Why I chose Botox at 30

Four years ago when I was diagnosed with chronic migraine in my pregnancy with Miss Darcey, little did I realise that it was a condition that would continue to debilitate my health and lifestyle ever since.

I remember having my first ever migraine, sat in Ibiza airport June 2014 waiting for a return flight with Rob and friends we’d been away with, 11 weeks pregnant with Miss D. I felt so bad on the flight, and once we got back in our friends car and driving home, I couldn’t stop being sick, (obvs on the road side!).

Unfortunately, this was a huge turning point in my life. The migraines continued in my pregnancy, almost daily, I was bed ridden most days, vomiting, sitting in dark rooms, I felt hideous, I reduced my work hours to part time because I was so sick, I felt depressed because it took over my lifestyle, and there was a very bleak time, that Rob said he never wants to go back to, when I was suicidal and almost sectioned.

Luckily for me, I had an amazing obstetrician who offered me the best care possible, I have a lot to thank him for. He organised treatment with a neurologist, a specialist care of midwives who would call me almost daily to see if there was anything I needed and I had a very supportive boyfriend.

As I was limited with treatment options for migraine during pregnancy, I was offered an occipital nerve block injection later on in my pregnancy, which is injected into the back of the neck in the muscles under the base of the skull on both sides, it had the least side effects to harm the baby, and the pain I had, I felt, outweighed the risk, and within a week or so of having the treatment, I noticed a great improvement, and it actually gave me some of my life back for several months.

Fast forward several years, and I am still struggling with chronic migraine, I have nausea but I do not have the sickness. On average, I have some degree of headache almost every day of the month, and my type of illness is classified as chronic migraine, which is having migraine 15 days of migraine per month or more.

I have tried numerous medications, natural remedies, cranial osteopathy, physio therapy, neck/head massage, dry needling and acupuncture, and some of it can help reduce the pain, but it doesn’t help significantly as it will always return in a day or two.

I have also tried various diets, trying to find out triggers, but what we do know about migraine is that certain parts of our lifestyle help trigger migraines and we must do what we can to limit these, but that’s not always possible whilst having two children, a home and working lifestyle.

We know that, broken sleep, stress, under and over eating, not eating at the right times, hormones, are all factors that contribute towards migraine, but then it’s possible that you will never work out what exactly triggers a migraine because you can be doing all of the ‘right’ things and they still come on.

I have been having occipital nerve block injections every 3 months and they have been pretty successful, besides my last treatment where the consultant thinks I am no longer responding to the injections.

Here I am today, heading into London to try Botox treatment specifically for migraine, that apparently is very successful and Australias no.1 migraine treatment, that I’ve been offered at a Headache and facial pain clinic on the NHS, where they predominantly look at finding solutions to manage chronic pain so that I can lead a less debilitating lifestyle.

It’s the first time for me having this treatment and I’m quite anxious about it, and I will update you once I’ve had the treatment and I’m feeling recovered!

Wish me luck! All I want is some pain free days!!


Get Fit With Mummy Cookie

Hi Everyone,

It’s almost two weeks since I set up my January fitness challenge on Instagram #getfitwithmummycookie and it’s been overwhelmingly fantastic! Thank you to everyone who has got involved so far, you are amazing!

I want to tell you a little background about me and my motives behind starting this challenge. I’m six months postpartum and just starting out on my post baby body fitness journey. Unfortunately, my ability to start getting fit again has been delayed with a Diastasis recti separation of the abs in my stomach, but now that the separation is starting to close after several months of physio, I’m more than ready to get my trainers back on!

I decided to set up a hashtag #getfitwithmummycookie to inspire similar women and mothers to post their own fitness journey where we can support, motivate and inspire each other and have a supportive community where people can chat with others who have similar interests.

Keeping fit is so important to me, not just for the benefits physically, but for how much it helps me with my mind. After having Zachary in July 2017 I was diagnosed with postnatal depression. In September, I attended a support group for 10 weeks with a number of other women suffering with Postnatal Depression, low mood, anxiety, trauma based issues and the two biggest things I learnt from attending those support sessions are that my mental health counts and self- care is so important to help keep the mind healthy.

One of my goals this year is to improve my mind and wellbeing. Sport and exercise is key for me to have a healthy mind. It sets me up for a good day by boosting my endorphins.

It makes me feel good that I can inspire others to get out there and do something active that makes them feel good too.

I’m so pleased that so many of you have got involved with my fitness challenge. I’ve had such a positive response and outlook from my followers on instagram from all around the world. This challenge has inspired people throughout the United Kingdom, all over the world and in Canada. It shows that it doesn’t matter how far we are away from each other, people can relate to pictures. It has been such a warming experience and community. I’m so glad to be in a position to be supporting other women on a similar fitness journey.

I’ve now reached over 1500 followers, I’m thankful for all of my followers who are so supportive on a daily basis!

If you are on your own fitness journey or you are thinking about starting it, please get involved, it’s so easy, just add the hashtag #getfitwithmummycookie on your post. Every Thursday I do a feature post and include everyone’s fitness photos from the week!

Thank you all for the love, inspiration and motivation,

You guys rock!!!

Let’s keep it going!!!



Mummy Cookie


Taming The Hair with TAOH

Hi Everyone,

Today I’m talking about what good hair means to me and to be precise, ‘How to get the perfect Blow Dry from home!’ I have the most unruly, wavy, thick barnet you can imagine! It sounds great, but managing it is just a complete nightmare, especially now with being a mum and having very little time on my hands to spend styling.

I have spent years, dying my hair, finding the perfect hair cut to suit my type of hair and most likely spending hundreds of pounds on styling products to tame this wild barnet!

I’ve teamed up with @marcantonihair salon and they have sent me some of their own line of products to test out! I’ve been using these hair products for around month and I’m in a pretty good position to let you know how they stack up against my current hair regime!


TAOH Hydrate Spa Shampoo

TAOH Luxe Spa Conditioner

TAOH Nourishing Luxury Hair Oil


GHD Air Hairdryer, Straighteners and a large round brush


KMS Moisture Repair Shampoo & Conditioner

PAUL MITCHELL Super Skinny Hair Serum


I’m new to the brand TAOH and I’ve actually really enjoyed using these hair products. The Shampoo has a refreshing zingy smell, my hair feels really clean after using this. I need to use quite a lot of Conditioner as I have thick hair. I only use it mid length and to the ends, and don’t ever apply it on my roots.

After I’ve washed my hair and towel dried, I apply three pumps of the hair oil, I’d use less if your hair isn’t thick and start by applying it on the mid – end length of your hair and then smooth it all over my hair. I then comb it through with my paddle brush, do my side parting and start drying.

Choose a brush that’s suitable for your hair, I swap from a paddle brush to a large round brush when drying because it gives me fantastic volume for my bob style. I like my hair to look sleek with some volume as I don’t like it to hang like a curtain around my face!

If you have time you can section your hair (but I only have time to do that when I’m straightening and it does give better results!!) I always start with the side of my hair, creating volume by brushing my hair away from my face and then I concentrate on the underneath layers, tucking them under.

The back is always the hardest part that I have to work at to straighten and smooth, it’s the curliest part of my hair, the worst part because I can’t see what I’m styling and the hardest to unkink! Like I said before, if you have time then sectioning the hair will give better results.

Heres some handy tips –

1. Towel dry your hair properly, then apply the oil, comb through your hair and then spend the next 10-15 minutes getting ready or doing your make up before blow drying. I always find that I get a better result if I’ve left my hair for a while before drying, but don’t leave it so long that your hair starts to dry!

2. Always set aside some time to dry and style your hair properly as you’ll find that it will fix in that shape and should be able to last you for a few days without washing it again. You might need to go over it with the hair straighteners, but it will stand you in good stead for a busy lifestyle where you don’t have time to wash it and style it every day.


I’m really pleased with the condition of my hair at the moment, considering that it is dyed blonde and gets a lot of heat damage from styling, it’s looking great! I like all of the products, I think they work really well together. I couldn’t live without the oil as that is what tames my hair into a “sleek bob” but the Shampoo and Conditioner have definitely improved the coarseness of my hair and keeping it looking healthy.

I am a little bit in love with Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Serum as I’ve been using it for quite sometime and Taohs Hair oil is definitely a huge contender with this Serum. I rate them both highly!

Here’s some pics to show you what TAOH Hair products can do for you : The results are STUNNING !

Go forth and have a splurge as you won’t regret it. If you are local to Henley then do visit Marc Antonis Hair salon, say hello to Bruno and the Team and give them a follow online if you aren’t local @MarcAntoniHenley