Get Fit With Mummy Cookie

Hi Everyone,

It’s almost two weeks since I set up my January fitness challenge on Instagram #getfitwithmummycookie and it’s been overwhelmingly fantastic! Thank you to everyone who has got involved so far, you are amazing!

I want to tell you a little background about me and my motives behind starting this challenge. I’m six months postpartum and just starting out on my post baby body fitness journey. Unfortunately, my ability to start getting fit again has been delayed with a Diastasis recti separation of the abs in my stomach, but now that the separation is starting to close after several months of physio, I’m more than ready to get my trainers back on!

I decided to set up a hashtag #getfitwithmummycookie to inspire similar women and mothers to post their own fitness journey where we can support, motivate and inspire each other and have a supportive community where people can chat with others who have similar interests.

Keeping fit is so important to me, not just for the benefits physically, but for how much it helps me with my mind. After having Zachary in July 2017 I was diagnosed with postnatal depression. In September, I attended a support group for 10 weeks with a number of other women suffering with Postnatal Depression, low mood, anxiety, trauma based issues and the two biggest things I learnt from attending those support sessions are that my mental health counts and self- care is so important to help keep the mind healthy.

One of my goals this year is to improve my mind and wellbeing. Sport and exercise is key for me to have a healthy mind. It sets me up for a good day by boosting my endorphins.

It makes me feel good that I can inspire others to get out there and do something active that makes them feel good too.

I’m so pleased that so many of you have got involved with my fitness challenge. I’ve had such a positive response and outlook from my followers on instagram from all around the world. This challenge has inspired people throughout the United Kingdom, all over the world and in Canada. It shows that it doesn’t matter how far we are away from each other, people can relate to pictures. It has been such a warming experience and community. I’m so glad to be in a position to be supporting other women on a similar fitness journey.

I’ve now reached over 1500 followers, I’m thankful for all of my followers who are so supportive on a daily basis!

If you are on your own fitness journey or you are thinking about starting it, please get involved, it’s so easy, just add the hashtag #getfitwithmummycookie on your post. Every Thursday I do a feature post and include everyone’s fitness photos from the week!

Thank you all for the love, inspiration and motivation,

You guys rock!!!

Let’s keep it going!!!



Mummy Cookie



Taming The Hair with TAOH

Hi Everyone,

Today I’m talking about what good hair means to me and to be precise, ‘How to get the perfect Blow Dry from home!’ I have the most unruly, wavy, thick barnet you can imagine! It sounds great, but managing it is just a complete nightmare, especially now with being a mum and having very little time on my hands to spend styling.

I have spent years, dying my hair, finding the perfect hair cut to suit my type of hair and most likely spending hundreds of pounds on styling products to tame this wild barnet!

I’ve teamed up with @marcantonihair salon and they have sent me some of their own line of products to test out! I’ve been using these hair products for around month and I’m in a pretty good position to let you know how they stack up against my current hair regime!


TAOH Hydrate Spa Shampoo

TAOH Luxe Spa Conditioner

TAOH Nourishing Luxury Hair Oil


GHD Air Hairdryer, Straighteners and a large round brush


KMS Moisture Repair Shampoo & Conditioner

PAUL MITCHELL Super Skinny Hair Serum


I’m new to the brand TAOH and I’ve actually really enjoyed using these hair products. The Shampoo has a refreshing zingy smell, my hair feels really clean after using this. I need to use quite a lot of Conditioner as I have thick hair. I only use it mid length and to the ends, and don’t ever apply it on my roots.

After I’ve washed my hair and towel dried, I apply three pumps of the hair oil, I’d use less if your hair isn’t thick and start by applying it on the mid – end length of your hair and then smooth it all over my hair. I then comb it through with my paddle brush, do my side parting and start drying.

Choose a brush that’s suitable for your hair, I swap from a paddle brush to a large round brush when drying because it gives me fantastic volume for my bob style. I like my hair to look sleek with some volume as I don’t like it to hang like a curtain around my face!

If you have time you can section your hair (but I only have time to do that when I’m straightening and it does give better results!!) I always start with the side of my hair, creating volume by brushing my hair away from my face and then I concentrate on the underneath layers, tucking them under.

The back is always the hardest part that I have to work at to straighten and smooth, it’s the curliest part of my hair, the worst part because I can’t see what I’m styling and the hardest to unkink! Like I said before, if you have time then sectioning the hair will give better results.

Heres some handy tips –

1. Towel dry your hair properly, then apply the oil, comb through your hair and then spend the next 10-15 minutes getting ready or doing your make up before blow drying. I always find that I get a better result if I’ve left my hair for a while before drying, but don’t leave it so long that your hair starts to dry!

2. Always set aside some time to dry and style your hair properly as you’ll find that it will fix in that shape and should be able to last you for a few days without washing it again. You might need to go over it with the hair straighteners, but it will stand you in good stead for a busy lifestyle where you don’t have time to wash it and style it every day.


I’m really pleased with the condition of my hair at the moment, considering that it is dyed blonde and gets a lot of heat damage from styling, it’s looking great! I like all of the products, I think they work really well together. I couldn’t live without the oil as that is what tames my hair into a “sleek bob” but the Shampoo and Conditioner have definitely improved the coarseness of my hair and keeping it looking healthy.

I am a little bit in love with Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Serum as I’ve been using it for quite sometime and Taohs Hair oil is definitely a huge contender with this Serum. I rate them both highly!

Here’s some pics to show you what TAOH Hair products can do for you : The results are STUNNING !

Go forth and have a splurge as you won’t regret it. If you are local to Henley then do visit Marc Antonis Hair salon, say hello to Bruno and the Team and give them a follow online if you aren’t local @MarcAntoniHenley


1. The pregnancy announcement. Who cares about a 2nd baby announcement? Honestly, nobody does really, the grandparents roll their eyes at more baby sitting and as parents we scoff at the thought of even less sleep. But, when we found out that a baby boy was coming along, everyone was effing delighted! Robs family were buzzing, another little Spurs fan, their eyes alight as they type into google “Tottenham Hotspur Children’s Season Ticket”. Rob also informed me at the 20 week scan that he’d no longer be moving into the shed in the garden as he wasn’t going to be outnumbered anymore.

My Sister in law and I at my 30th birthday lunch.

2. The London commute. After having a year off work on maternity leave after Darcey, I was “ready” to go back to work. You know that “break” that everyone talks about, the reason why you go back to work after having a baby. Well, it wasn’t a break for me going back to work in London. I thought the two days were going to be an absolute dream, time on the train to read a book, adult conversations, using my brain, peeing alone and having lunch alone. They were my reasons, but in reality it was more like this. Arriving at work hyperventilating because I’m late again after a 2hr 50 minute commute from my front door in Aylesbury to London Southbank. Being kept awake by a toddler the night before I was due to work, and I’m sure she knew it was my work day. This is your pay back mummy. Surviving off coffee and drinking so much coffee to stay awake that I’d be bouncing off the walls and having heart palpitations. Getting frequent calls from the nursery asking me to leave work early to collect my daughter from nursery as she’s poorly again, and standing on London Marylebone train platform cursing the trains because they only leave every 30 minutes. Yeah so, in a nutshell, I won’t be putting myself through the stress of that again after maternity leave finishes with Zachary.

3. 2nd time labour. It doesn’t matter how many times you give birth the only thing you can guarantee is that each time is going to be a different experience. Preparation is key, I do believe hypnobirthing classes I undertook helped me with my birth with Darcey, but with Zachary I didn’t prepare for the birth anywhere near as much as I did with Darceys, yet they were entirely different and both fine. I don’t have a traumatic story to divulge here, every birth is stressful in its own way, you can only deal with what is thrown your way in the calmest manner properly which is why I really like hypnobirthing as it helps relax your nerves, stay in control and be as calm as possible. Everyone talks about the 2nd baby coming quicker and in my case this was true! I had anxieties about the birth towards the end of my pregnancy as Zach was breech and measuring big right up until he wanted to come out at 39 weeks but they he turned last minute. I was bricking it, how on earth was I going to birth this beast? The extra growth scans, the diabetes tests they kept sending me for, the induction that was due to be booked at 39 weeks because he was “so big” was scaremongering, leading me to believe my baby was going to be impossible to birth. In reality, my labour was extremely quick, very intense and the least complicated birth I’ve had (and Darceys was relatively straightforward), Labour was 2 hours 45 minutes from when the first contraction started until he was delivered. It happened so quickly that my calm breathing wasn’t apparent according to Rob, there wasn’t time for setting the mood of the room with some relaxing hypnobirthing tracks, nor time to get in the water. It was more like gritting teeth, swearing a lot with my potty mouth and then apologising profusely afterwards saying I didn’t know where that came from?! Zachary was born weighing 9lbs 6, a big healthy boy, I had zero stitches which I couldn’t believe, the placenta delivered fine (which wasn’t the case 1st time) and we were discharged 4 hours later. Boom!

4. I became an Aunty!! My sister in law and my brother had their baby on the 29th May, 6 weeks before Zachary was born. They named her Hattie and she is a sweetie!

5. This is the one you’ve all been waiting for. The proposal. After almost 5 years together, buying a home, two kids later, setting up a company together, the one thing to complete our family is a marriage proposal! Every year around Christmas time, we take a city break somewhere and head for the Christmas markets. This year, we went into London, not too far away from the kids. We met for lunch at borough market ( where we used to date!) and I had no idea he was going to propose to me on our walk back over London Bridge!

The wedding planning commences in January, hold fire for the details!!

I also turned 30 this year, but nothing really to write home about since I’d rather forget about it, and I was pregnant, not able to drink. Don’t fall pregnant on your 30th birthday, it is a bit shit! The celebrations were over a week long and lovely.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2018!

Lots of love

Mummy Cookie


Can a birthday girl have too much fun?

Darcey turned 3 on Saturday! Her birthday weekend has been one big Epic party that we have all thoroughly enjoyed!

What has the Birthday girl been up to?

Darcey had two fun filled days with her family on Thursday and Friday. Her Aunty Natalie bought her a cracking present, a baby grand piano and microphone which she hasn’t stopped making so much noise with. You can see her below with Nanny opening her My Little Pony princess castle that she wanted.

Darcey had a Christmas party at pre school on Friday morning, she dressed up as a reindeer and wore her paw patrol necklace and bracelet from her Aunty Chelle, and her lipgloss from Aunty Liz (which Rob isn’t best pleased about!!)

Darcey had a flying visit in the afternoon from her other Grandparents, Granny Goose and Grandpa Tim! It was such a flash visit that I forgot to feature them!! Here’s some pics below Mum!!

Friday night we had a visit from Father Christmas on our estate. Darcey was so excited! Rob and Darcey spent a good hour walking round the estate trying to find it and in the end it came down our road! It was such a treat for her.

Saturday morning Darcey had her last class of ballet before Christmas. All of the parents were invited to see what they children had been learning this term. This was Darceys 4th class of the term as we started late and she is the youngest in the class but probably the tallest! She is doing so well!! The children had to perform exercises that they had learnt in a group, in pairs and also solo pieces in front of the audience and Darcey did it all by herself! I’m an absolute proud mum and in awe of her confidence and engagement in the ballet class! Thank you to Kate at Kaso Studios, Buckinghamshire for such a brilliant class.

Here Darcey is sat with her excellent ballet progress report! Well done Darling!!

We went home and got Darcey ready for her Superheroes party at The Long Dog pub in the afternoon. Darcey dressed up as Batgirl, Zachary as Robin and I went as Mummy Batgirl/ Cat woman. It was such a wicked party, I’m so pleased it all came together and the kids and adults had so much fun!

The Birthday celebrations continued into Sunday, we had breakfast with Father Christmas, songs and dancing. Darcey was pleased to hear that she is on Santas nice list this year!

To round up her birthday fun we had another visit from Father Christmas tonight. Father Christmas floats didn’t come to our house because we lived in the middle of nowhere, so it’s a real treat for Darcey. She’s seen him 3 times this weekend!! Now can she stay well behaved for the last week leading up to Christmas?!

Thank you to everyone for her making her birthday so awesome!

Next stop Christmas!!!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas,


Mummy Cookie


Help I’ve got a Threenager!

“Can I have a new Mummy?” These are the words that came out of my almost 3 year olds mouth today for no reason at all! Sometimes it’s hard not to laugh when they come out with these things. Darcey has said some funny things to me in her time, it was particularly funny when she picked up her magic wand and exclaimed that she is going to turn me into a frog, because I asked her to stop climbing. However, I didn’t think she’d be asking for a new mummy until she was a teenager when I was telling her that she wasn’t allowed to go to out on a school night! I already have a THREENAGER !

We went shopping to mothercare last week to buy her an outfit for her Christmas concert. As soon as we arrived in the shop, she went shopping by herself – she picked up everything she wanted and took it along to the till. Asked me for my card?! Everything that we came to buy, she didn’t want, and when I said Father Christmas would bring her the princess bag, jewellery and ring set that she wanted, she had an epic tantrum on the floor. Just leaving her there to cause a backlog of people at the till and threatening to call Father Christmas because he’s on speed dial at the moment seemed to do the trick. Typical toddler shenanigans huh! I promise I didn’t find it stressful at all!

We needed an elf on the shelf this Christmas!! Why did it only occur to me on the 1st December and I said to Rob that we had missed the boat on this one! Damn it! It would have been perfect to keep little Miss in order this December!

I am really enjoying seeing everyone’s daily insta elf on the shelf pictures though, I am just wondering if you’ve ran out of places for him yet? Keep up the good work!!

The weather outside is frightful at the moment, and we’ve had several snow days at home. This is truly terrible in a threenagers mind having to miss her groups, so what have we been doing instead? She has been helping me sort out her wardrobe! She loved it and it became a fashion show, trying on all of the things she hasn’t worn for ages, even though it no longer fits her, guess what, she still wants to keep it!

Darcey is just like her Granny goose, she loves baking! Yesterday afternoon she had her best friend Max over and they loved decorating the gingerbread house (that I spent all morning making) ! It felt like such an achievement to see the house still standing in tact, with all sweets on this morning!

Darcey, Max and my bestie Rachel

It’s Darcey’s birthday on Saturday and we have a birthday cake to make for her on Friday, stand by for the results because I’m not a baker!! I am having some help from my friend who is mind! We’re throwing a superheroes party for her with her little friends on Saturday that she is very excited about. How is my baby turning 3 this week?

Have a great week!


Mummy Cookie


Epic weekend fail. The survival guide to the lurgy 💪

It is THAT time of year. Yes that really shit time when your child picks up the dreaded pre school virus and it spreads like wildfire around the home and there’s no escape for any fucker.

We’ve missed out on our prosecco brunch this weekend due to two poorly children. It was my ONLY Christmas party planned this year.. I had my nails done, I’d bought a new sparkly top, I was dead excited and instead I’ve been house bound with a poorly baby who has been non-stop crying . The priorities call, and the children come first!

This was my outfit ✨☝️ Now I need to find another occasion to wear it!!

The last 3 weeks have been a living hell in our house so I wanted to share some tips on keeping it all together.

1. Take any help that is on offer!!

2. When you call your partner because you have two children being sick in turn, and you ask him to come home from work a bit earlier and he insists that he can’t because “he’s a consultant” and “has a deadline”. Ignore that part. Ring him again and tell him that something isn’t going to be alive when he gets home! And you’re not talking about the children, it would be something of his!

3. Tag Team. This is shift work, set out the times you are looking after the kids and don’t run a minute over your schedule. You need every second of sleep you can get in this poorly baby waking every two hour malarkey.

4. Stock up on all essentials. Download the Tesco and Amazon App. Pay for delivery saver and Prime cos you ain’t leaving the house anytime soon!

5. Make friends with your pharmacy so they can run around to you with your prescriptions and the Night nurse!

6. If the cleaner cancels send out an SOS to anyone available with a tonne of antibac spray!

7. Toddler supplies. I’m talking about activities to keep the little ones entertained because they get really bored in the house. Have you seen those magic pens, basically the ones that only colour on paper so you could drift to sleep on the sofa and not worry about your toddler colouring in the walls!

8. Don’t tell your toddler that you have EBola like Rob did. Your toddler can’t pronounce that and she’s now learnt a new word that she keeps on saying. “Daddy, I don’t have “A BONER” !!!

I wish you all better soon in time for Christmas!


Mummy Cookie


P.S. Anyone up for a Christmas night out?! 💃

Red To Toe Edit

RED is THE COLOUR to be in this season. It’s such a statement. I LOVE IT! Bring some red to brighten your outfit or use it as a complete fashion statement and stand out. God, if you can’t wear it at this time of year, then when will you?! Be brave darling!! 💃

Here’s the low down on my very festive #RED Edit. Whether you’re looking to add a bit of vibrancy to your look, red is a bold classy number and perfect to shake up your outfit for this festive season.

On a side note..Zachary’s little uncoordinated hands are already getting him into trouble, he’s already published this post before I’ve finished writing it and the other day whilst entering a competion on ukbride he’s managed to sign me up to about a hundred wedding vendors who are sending me endless wedding brochures at venues all over the UK!!

Back to my very festive Red Edit! If you are still Christmas shopping and looking for ideas or you have some festivities planned then have a scroll through here..

My Top 5 Jumpers and a cheeky number

1. Cashmere jumper from Marks & Spencer

2. Cable Knit jumper from Zara

3. From one mother to another I absolutely must feature a selfish mother festive sweater!

4. Im a huge sausage dog lover. Thank you for this River Island.

5. For all the SATC Fans, this ones from Zara.

6. ZARA MEN Perfect stocking filler for the Hubz!!!

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